Last week in class we started our new readings, I found a book that i was highly interested in called The Earth, My Butt & other BIG Round Things By Carolyn Mackler iv’e only read 115 pages into the book and I must say that it’s personally the best book iv’e read this year. I started reading this book years ago in Elementary school when my older sister picked it up from the library, so seeing it on the list of books I was able to read brought me so much joy.the_earth_my_butt_and_other_big_round_things_cover

The Earth, My Butt, & other BIG Round Things is about a young teen named Virginia Shreves who is at a larger weight than most her age and her hobbies include indulging herself in junk food and web surfing. She doesn’t believe that she belongs in her family because they are completely opposite. Her mom is a successful psychologist and an exercise junkie, her dad is a top executive producer, and her siblings are both slim geniuses.  She has a best friend named Shannon who has recently moved across country leaving Virginia alone and unfit in her society.

The book starts off with her and Froggy Welsh the Fourth who is a boy that attends her private school that she is routinely smacking lips with on a daily. After creating a little fling between each other feelings become immense and one thing leads to another when Froggy gives he a “feel up” and is trying to get up her shirt, leaving Virginia in panic because she doesn’t want him to see whats under her shirt (fat).

“Does “doing exactly what I want” mean not thinking about other people’s feelings? Because that’s just not the kind of person I am.

Maybe it can mean whatever I want it to mean, like taking care of myself and not letting people walk over me”
― Carolyn Mackler, The Earth, My Butt & other BIG Round Things

Despite the fact that nothing in her life is as planned nor good, there is an event in the book that turns Virginia’s world upside down. Her parents try and act like the situation is imaginary and go about it as if it never happened, which displeases Virginia and she ends up rebelling against them both which includes her secretly buying a plane ticket to see Shannon thus turning her into a purple haired, eyebrow pierced webzine creator and going across country to find a girl who turns this whole story around. I’m no spoiler but this book is really good, and i do recommend it to teenage girls especially in middle/high school.


The event that turns Virginias life around is her eldest brother being accused of RAPING A GIRL! this literally changed my entire mindset of the book.. and the reason why she travels across the world is to find the girl.