I’ve started reading this book called Looking for Alaska by John Green, its 221 pages of pure confusion. looking_for_alaska_original_coverI honestly don’t know how to feel about the book. It hit me with so much excitement and such grief, that I’m just in awe. I’m not much of a spoiler, hence why i am partially vague but this book is DEFINITELY worth the read.

Chapter 1 (One hundred thirty-six days before) – The book begins with Miles Halter, a not so popular public school kid. His mother and father decided to throw him a going away party because hes on his way to attending the prestigious Culver Creek boarding school “to seek great perhaps” as he states. Being that Miles is not very popular not many people showed up to his party, in fact only two people showed up which left him with no surprise. This leads up to his arrival at Culver Creek where already he dreaded attending.

After settling in Miles meets his new and odd roommate, his name is Chip Martin but Colonial is what they call him. He introduces Miles to some friends hes made through his semesters at the boarding school and as instantly as he saw her Miles became infatuated with Alaska hence “Looking for Alaska”. He describes her as being the girl that

“had the kind of eyes that predisposed you to supporting her every endeavor. And not just beautiful, but hot, too, with her breast straining against her tight tank top.”

While indulging himself in mischief, cigarettes, and alcohol Miles feels as though he is welcomed in their odd little group of friends after being hazed by two Weekend Warriors (weekend stayers at the boarding school) Colonial and his crew take Miles under their wing and initiate him to their group, including him in all their festivities and pranks.

As time progresses feelings for one another increase not only between Miles and Alaska but between the group and their friendship. Learning and sharing new things about each other, they start to build trust amongst each other and the ultimate task of this is when Alaska is called to her college aged boyfriends side and her friends help her escape Culver Creek and its strict administrator. This is where the suspense fullness of the book begins! The next morning was a cruel awakening for Alaska’s friends, filled with guilt and most of all curiosity as to where Alaska has gone and why…

Word count: 405